For Presenters and Exhibitors

Details for Presentations

Be aware that your presentation is being video-conferenced between Cairns and Townsville, so please:

Unless there's a need otherwise, please have your presentation visuals online.
This allows us to be much more efficient changing over presenters since we can link to it in advance and use the same computer with no changing inputs or loading files.
Consider using something like:

Please email a link to your presentation to Lindsay Ward

Your choice of desk, hand-held or lapel wireless mic is available.

We will be recording the sessions. Please advise if you do not wish to have your presentation recorded or you do not wish to have it made public.

Details for Exhibitions

Wi-Fi, power and tables will be available. Just let us know what you need.



JCU Douglas Campus, 134-010 (Education Central building 134, room 010)

Townsville, 134-010

Townsville, 134-010

Townsville, 134 Foyer

Townsville, 134 Foyer


Cairns: JCU Smithfield Campus, Crowther Theatres A3.2 (building A3, room 2)

Cairns, Foyer


Please direct any enquiries to the main coordinator:

Lindsay Ward (IT @ James Cook University)
07 4781 4619
0409 221 977